St. Augustine Author-Mentor Novel Workshop

How Does The St. Augustine Author-Mentor Workshop Differ from Other Writer Events?

In several fundamental ways, as we note above, but we will elaborate. First of all, and most importantly, the St. Augustine AMW creates a way for the aspiring author to get close and relaxed with published authors and business professionals in a manner that larger events disallow. Sufficient private face time with the right people is priceless.

Second, attendees are taught (even before the workshop begins by means of pre-event assignments and mailings) to address all the major conflict/complication, plot, theme, narrative/voice, dialogue, scene construction, and character arc-and-development issues that affect their novel.

Third, writers are prepped in advance for their interactive sessions with authors, editors and literary agents, and the sessions are not rushed. The professionals are relaxed during the sessions and not bombarded by hundreds of conference goers.

Fourth, the St. Augustine AMW requires the writer to complete exercises far more advanced and beneficial than those conducted by MFA programs or private writer events.

Fifth, amateur opinions do not arise to compromise the quality of the workshop. Judgments on a writer's work are approved, filtered, and/or provided by professionals in attendance. 

The 2016 St. Augustine A-M takes place on February 26 - 29 (Thursday to Sunday) with arrival and a meet-up session on the evening of February 25th (Wednesday).

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